The Week(s) in Games

Still haven’t managed to write consistently, but oh well.  Watching the Patriots vs. Colts right now and hoping i can focus enough to write.

So I got the games from IELLO while away and started by bring Nyet with me to play at work.  I did not go to the Jason’s Deli meetup after getting back from vacation.  I enjoyed Nyet, especially the artwork.  Later that night, Roman and I played Sapiens, which I also really enjoyed, but the argument from reviewers is that it could lead to analysis-paralysis, and I can believe that.

I was able to attend the Jason’s Deli event the following Monday and broke out Medieval Academy to play.  I was skeptical of how it would go as I don’t think Penny Press went over well, and that was on me.  But Medieval Academy was a hit with me, Andy, and Misty, and would have been even better with more people.  Great game.  I also played Will’s Age of War, which reminds me of a bit more complex Easy Come, Easy Go, but is essentially a dice game.  Also got in some Codenames before I had to leave.  As I started to think about if I missed a game, I just remembered I played a guy’s prototype and it did not go well at all.  What was supposed to take 15 minutes took over an hour.  The game was too close to Specter Ops.  Have a hard time believing he’s never played it.

Our Thursday Throwdown a few days later was Codenames, so twice in one week.

Saturday was a big day of games because it was Roman’s confirmation.  He picked the games and we introduced his sponsor John to Fluxx, playing a couple games of this.  We also played Codenames (again!) and that got some heated arguments going.  I once again picked the assassin when paired with Roman.  Oops.  We also played a game of Resistance and easily sniffed out the spies (Roman and Mike).  Later that night, Roman’s friend Noah was over and we played Rattlebones (lost again), but the highlight was getting out Dogs of War.  Just love the game and came one shy of winning (Mike won).  We ended up playing until almost 2am unfortunately.

I went to Jason’s Deli again this past Monday and played 4 games: Hey Waiter (they didn’t like it), Impulse (I didn’t like it), Mascarade (I won), and Between Two Cities (unique scoring but was a little lost).  Mascarade was a lot like Coup, and I am not so sure I am a fan of it, just as I am not much of a Coup fan.

But this past Thursday we did get in one of my favorites at work: Colt Express.  Love that game.


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