Vacation – Part I

I’ve been wanting to write about our vacation to Florida for some time now and just could never get around to it.  We’ve been home for more than 2 weeks now so this should be challenging.

We left on a Tuesday and arrived at the resort at Amelia Island at a fairly decent time….pretty close to what we planned.  We drove through quite a bit of rain, but nothing like what we experienced driving to KC last year.   I am thinking it was around 2:15.  But it was quite a walk to our room.   We were on the 3rd floor and still had a nice view of the ocean.  After changing, we went down to the pool area and hung out, but soon Julie wanted to go down to the beach.  I must say I didn’t enjoy being on the beach as much as I thought.  It was fairly deserted and the water was wavy and choppy, but what really drove me crazy was how windy it was.  Maybe I am confusing the experience with the next morning when we also went to the beach, but I think both days were windy.  I went back to the pool area before the others did but they joined me about 30 minutes later.

That night we ate on the premises at a pretty delicious pizza place.  I can’t recall the name, but liked it a lot.  It’s obviously a slow time for the resort as hardly anyone was around.  There were a bunch of shops there, but most were closed.  Even miniature golf was not open, which was something we wanted to do but had to wait for the next morning.

So the next morning we tried their miniature golf course, which wasn’t bad.  Certainly offered plenty of shade.  We also went to the beach one last time before we packed it all up and headed for St. Augustine.  It rained on the way to St. Augustine and was pouring when we entered the visitor center.  But when we hit our first destination, the rain had slowed down considerably.

Our first destination was Castillo De San Marcos, a fort much like one we visited in St. Petersburg years ago.  I really enjoy such forts, but Grace went into complain mode and Roman joined her.  After leaving there, we went to their shopping district area, which went a little better, but this time I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I knew there was really not much for me to buy.  So after eating some pizza at supposedly the second best pizza place in the NATION (it was OK), we hit the road once again and headed for Orlando.

(to be continued)


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