The Week(s) in Games

I haven’t played much since my last post about games, but that’s because I was working the IELLO both at Come Out and Play for two evenings so I skipped the Monday meeting and missed the monthly Game Night at work.  I got in just a little bit of full gaming at COAP – Nyet and Sapiens.  I was mainly talking about the games at the booth.

This past Monday I went to Jason’s Deli and got in a couple games, both of which I won!  The first was Verflixxt.  I enjoyed it.  It’s a much more complex version of Deep Sea Adventure that takes a lot of thinking.  It was described as a short game, but it took us quite awhile to finish.  Afterwards, one of the group got into my bin and wanted to play Dogs of War.  This was a good thing as I planned to teach it at work the next day.  I found when we were done that I had forgotten a rule.  Turns out we had to cancel the teaching session on Tuesday, but we did it today and it went just fine.  Ready to play it again!


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