Vacation – Part II

Nothing fancy in Orlando – just an inexpensive stay at a Best Western.  The next morning we got up and headed for Magic Kingdom and got to the gate right at 9am after taking the ferry.  The problem is that on Thursday the resort guests were allowed to go in early so it was a relatively busy day for Magic Kingdom.

We headed right for Haunted Mansion, my favorite ride, and only had about a 5 minute wait.  Then it was over to Splash Mountain, and listening to Grace worry about “the drop”.  Again, fairly short wait, but things were getting busy.  I decided to do a Fast Pass on Great Thunder Mountain Railroad and it packaged it with two other rides and said come back at 8pm!  Wow.

As we walked from Splash Mountain, I noticed Roman playing games on his phone.  He was literally walking among a huge crowd and playing games!  I kept telling him to put it away but it didn’t work. Lines were going full throttle when we got to Jungle Cruise, and after that we were pretty much wandering from section to section.  The biggest misstep was actually waiting 70 minutes for Peter Pan.  NOT worth it.

Between listening to Grace complain about her legs being tired, Roman playing games, and rides just lacking the appeal they used to have, it was the least magical time I had at Disney.  We didn’t even stay the whole time which made me sad.  I did like the new games they added to the line at Space Mountain, but Space Mountain actually made me feel sick.  I also had a pretty fun time on the Buzz Lightyear ride, which was one of the last we went on using the Fast Pass.  We never did go to Great Thunder Mountain Railroad.  I also bought a new hat there that I really like.  Would I go back?  Well, it WAS very expensive.  I guess if money was no object, then sure.   But I believe the fact that we only had 2 of the 4 kids in tow may have had something to do with it.  And of the two we had, one acted as if he was too old for it.  Oh well.  Grandkids?

After dinner at Denny’s, we reached my parent’s place around 11pm.  Grace was wanting to sleep with Julie in the big bed, but luckily she stopped that talk.  On Friday we went to see the movie “Everest” in 3-D.  I quite enjoyed the movie though it flew under the radar.  Very realistic.  That night Julie and I went to dinner at Catches.  Over the weekend we also played bocce ball (Roman’s favorite) and got to see what their new beach area looked like, but there wasn’t a ton of activity.  We didn’t even play many games.  We played Five Crowns (of course) and I showed my dad Homestretch, but Wyatt Earp didn’t quite make sense to them.  I don’t expect a ton when I visit my parents; it’s just good to see them.

Driving back went fine from my memory.  Usually we hit a massive backup just south of Atlanta but that did not happen.  It may not be someone’s idea of a dream vacation, but it was out little trip and it was just fine.


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