The Week(s) in Games…..and More

Halloween was a mess of a day.  While i was at a fencing meet nearly 45 minutes from home, Julie was on her way to Charlotte to pick up art work.  Around 11:30 I got a call from her and figured she knew it was not a good idea to call since I can’t answer while being a ref.  But the message she left was incoherent….just a bunch of talking to someone else.  When I finally was able to get a hold of her, I found out that the car had broken down and she was waiting for a tow truck.  Not good.  I was on and off the phone with her all afternoon and she wound up having to rent a car because the car place was not going to be open long enough to get it fixed.  And it wasn’t going to be a quick fix.  As it turns out, it was a quick fix….but that’s another story.

So with Grace at a friend’s house for trick or treating, that left Roman and I, even though Max and Mitchell were in town.  Roman wanted to go to a friend’s house, but we couldn’t work it out with the friend, who wanted me to drop him off DURING trick or treating, and I planned to pass out candy.  But then Max called and said he and some friends were interested in coming over for games and I was up for that.  I ordered pizza and we played some Simply Suspects as warmup and then I introduced a lot of them to Colt Express, which is always a good time.  At 9pm, they headed out and trick or treating was over.

On Monday I went to game night and played Medieval Academy yet again, this time a 5-person game.  Once again it was a crowd-pleaser.  We then played some Red 7 and capped out the evening with a new one that I really enjoyed: Eggs and Empires.  I think that’s one I am going to have to buy.

On Saturday night, Mike came over and we finally got to play Black Fleet!  This was after Julie and I spent the day driving to Charlotte, having lunch, going to the modern art museum, and then stopping by Athens to drop the car off with Max.  Roman played with us but he was coughing the whole time as he had just gotten sick.  He’s STILL coughing this weekend.  Anyway, Black Fleet is a blast.  It takes up a bit of room with such a big board, but I would like to get it out at Game Night.

So on my second Monday game night, I started by playing Friday the 13th because a girl I never met (but apparently other people new) wanted to play it.  It’s still a solid game and I am glad we got it out.  But when I was asked to teach Loop, Inc., I was disappointed to have to say I still had not played it. But low and behold another gamer walked in with a copy and we played it with him, as he had already played it a few times.  What a tough, mind-bending game.  I really want to try it again and see if I can figure out the strategy.  Never played anything quite like it.  And there’s also a solo variant.  This gamer, Zach, also had Gold West and I had been intrigued by that one.  But he had never played it before, so it took awhile to get going.  It turned out to be a rather meaty game in the vein of something like Terra Mystica or Snowdonia.  It’s better than both of those, but wasn’t something i was counting on and took us until closing time.  Still glad I got to play it.


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