The Week in Games….and More

Before I get in to what was played, let me start by saying something very odd happened in the last two weeks.  On Friday the 13th (which unfortunately was the day of the terrorist attacks), I won a free game simply by tweeting from Miniature Market, which ironically I had placed an order through two days before for Parade and some Baseball Highlights cards.  They are certainly my go to place for games now, even over Amazon.  Then this past Thursday, I won a FIVE game giveaway from R&R games.  All of them appear to be party games, but their ratings are not bad.  They are to arrive today.  Also, I received Bottom of the 9th the same day I received the free game from MM – Steam Works.  I have yet to read the rules all the way through for either.

Last week I went to both the Monday game night briefly and then our ATC game night.  I played something almost every day last week except for Friday and yesterday.

On Monday, I arrived at an awkward time and watched some folks play Biblios.  I am now excited to receive that, which was one of my IELLO picks.  Afterwards, I taught 3 newbies how to play Loop, Inc.  At this point, almost everyone will be new to Loop, Inc.  I did MUCH better this time than my first time around, which was not so good.  But at least no one has been eliminated from too many tears.

On Tuesday night Roman wanted to play something and I broke out Carcassonne: South Seas.  I forgot how great a game Carcassonne can be and it plays quickly.  We had to refresh on a few of the rules, but once we got going, all was good.  I won by one lousy point.

Wednesday was ATC Game Night, and I started with a few games of Timeline: Historical Events.  I need to bone up on some history!  Afterwards, I taught Loop, Inc. once again.  This time around, the teaching wasn’t as smooth and the gameplay was even less smooth.  I did poorly.  I need a break from that game (didn’t bring it tonight) but I want to try the solo variant very soon.

Thursday’s throwdown was just Karthik, Aerial, and I, so I broke out Carcassonne: South Seas again.  Karthik won, but he also took very long turns.

On Saturday night I finally played a full game of Steam Torpedo with Mike.  I did downright awful.  And I had to refresh too much, but I think I may finally have it down.  It’s not a bad game at all as long as you arrange your tiles correctly.  I did not do a good job of that.



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