Thanksgiving Break

This is just m wanting to put to “paper” what all we did over 4 days.

I recall Wednesday I watched some shows in hopes to clean up the DVR, including a comedy special of Paul F. Tompkins stand-up routine that was quite good.

I stayed up late enough that on Thanksgiving I did not rise until Katy and family showed up!  I came down in my sleep clothes to say hi, but then went up to take my shower, grumbling the whole time as to why Julie didn’t tell me what time they were coming.

Started early with the games, but it was video games.  With appetizers already out, we played Just Dance on the Wii U, which Katy brought over.  Just about everyone gave it a try.  I was quite terrible.  After 2 or 3 tries, I didn’t go back to it.  Instead, I joined Julie, Teddy, and George in throwing some model airplanes outside.  Apparently these had been in Roman’s closet and he never put them together.  They looked cooler than they actually were, as they didn’t fly that well at all.

I was in charge of marking the terducken, which really wasn’t a big deal.  It even cut pretty easily.  We ate outside since it was so darn nice out.  In fact, the whole four day break was great.  Another constant was Max had his girlfriend over most of the break, as she stopped by in the evening and we all tried Strike a Pose, one of the free games I got from R&R.  Pretty fun game.  I closed out the evening with Mike coming back and we started a game of Empire Builder but we have yet to finish it.

Speaking of games, Friday turned out to be an unplanned but big game day.  Once again I rolled out of bed late, but allowed it to warm up so I could go out and blow leaves and water the backyard.  When I came in, Max had Evan and Drew over and out came the games.  We were playing games until about 6pm, and at that time I ordered a pizza.  I don’t believe we played anymore, and they took over to do their thing. I got some time in with Julie to watch some Fargo, which we are still about 3 episodes behind in.

Saturday I likely woke up late again and I know we went out to walk a trail around 2pm, but I can’t remind what I did before that time.  Katy and family came over again for dinner and after they were gone, Julie and I went shopping at Old Navy.  It’s pretty much the only holiday shopping we did.  And that night we actually watched a movie!  It was Maze Runner, which was one of the many movies I taped since we had free premium channels all weekend.  Now I need to see the sequel currently at the dollar theater.

I returned to the park Julie and I took our hike on Saturday, but this time with Biscuit and Grace.  I brought Biscuit into their dog park, which was bland and boring compared to the one near Lassiter High School.  There were about 6 dogs total and no trees or shrubs.  I decided to try taking Biscuit on the trail and we walked about three-quarters of a mile.  He handled it well, but was pretty tired the rest of the day.  After dropping off Grace, I went and got the car washed.  did laundry, and then we all ate at Panera.  That was Roman’s idea, of course.  The weekend ended on a thud though as I watched the Patriots blow a 14-point lead in Denver and lose in OT, thus ending any hopes of the perfect season.  Super Bowl win will be just fine, if they can ever get healthy. There was a scare and it looked like Gronk might be out for the season, but he just has a bruise and will be back soon.






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